The Barnsley Jogle was an event organised by the Barnsley Branch of the MMOC.  Although the event no longer takes place it still has fond memories for those who took part and is a great example of the friendly atmosphere we still have at the Barnsley Branch. 

A Brief History

jogle 20044

The idea of the Jogle Run was born at a Barnsley branch meeting back in 1993 when members were discussing the merits of their Minors and wondering if they would be capable of a long distance run. It was suggested that a suitable enterprise would be to see if they could be driven from John O’Groats to Lands End inside 24 hours. The first run was undertaken by just three Barnsley branch cars who all finished comfortably inside the allotted time. The outing was reported in Minor Matters and there were enquiries if the run would be repeated the following year. The next year, eight cars took part and with increased interest it became an official club event, though retaining its Barnsley Jogle title. Entries rose to a maximum of 32 in 1998 though since then they averaged around the 20 mark. There were 14 Jogle runs in total, over three hundred cars took part in total and thousands of pounds were raised for a variety of charities over the years.

To maximize the hours of daylight the run took place as near to the 21st June (the longest day) as was possible to give the cars the best possible chance of completing the event. The run started from John O’Groats at 11.00am on the Tuesday morning and finished at 11.00am on the Wednesday morning. The mid-week run was used to avoid any weekend holiday traffic, once again to give the cars the best possible chance of completing the event.JoGLE 2004

The event also evolved somewhat during its time. The Morris Minor Centre at Oldbury, near Birmingham, stayed open for us until the early hours of the morning giving everyone the opportunity to stop, have a break and freshen up roughly half way along the route before the final part of the journey.  Refreshments for both entrants and vehicles were available at the half way stop, most useful to those experiencing “technical difficulties” during the mammoth run.

Barnsley Branch members welcomed the completing entrants at Lands End from 4.00am (no one was expected to arrive before then) to check everyone in and to supply tea, coffee and excellent bacon sandwiches. It was always a joyful occasion on the cliff top as the cars arrived and stories of exploits were exchanged, while some chose to stay on for an evening meal together at a local pub.

Below is a video taken by an entrant during the 2005 event to give you a flavour of what the event was like –